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We offer exceptional process and product at normal prices!

Drew Allen is known as a “Hands On” builder in the trades since 1980, with a refined pool of skilled artisans and professionals who provide all disciplines–energetically delivering everything you need for your construction project or a contained aspect of it.

General Services: Starting or completing any phase of your project–from design and program through construction documents, permits, project management and supervision, or we will construct your home from the foundation through finishing, as you need it.

Have a stalled project? We can pick it up and run with it!

Remodeling: Light or extensive remodeling, we are specialists in space resolution and design for your needs, we solve problems in creative ways! Do you have a Code violation and need resolution with building authorities? We offer negotiation and conversion to new conforming or obtain otherwise approved use. We can provide all skills and documents to solve your complicated project and make your inspector happy–chances are we already know him or her.

Straw-bale Construction: We have a system! Houses and larger structures, studios, second units or smaller accessory buildings, stables and barns– we make you a heritage building as a modular system (prefabricated) for building with straw-bales. We supply the entire structure (or what you need) built at our shop and then delivered to your site ready to assemble–rely on our experience to take the guesswork out of it! Services including design, engineering and permits through all phases of construction. Use local straw bale or we supply California rice straw made to our specifications. We assemble or we will help you. Available for worldwide distribution–everything fits in a shipping container.

We are the builder of “The New American Icon of Modern Architecture”–“The Orchard House” 2005 (See photo slideshow here) designed by Anderson and Anderson Architecture, as seen on the cover of Dwell Magazine: http://www.dwell.com/house-tours/article/fertile-grounds

Also the architect’s book:

Also in the photos above our last “Design-Build” construct “High School House” 2013, a new solar Craftsman Bungalow all hand made of recycled redwood and many recycled materials featuring “Net Zero” energy production and heritage quality construction.

Please call to discuss your project; large or small–we respond!

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